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Preventing H1N1 "Swine Flu" on Sports Teams

Reducing risk from sports

Until the pandemic has subsided, Youth Sports Parents recommends reducing the risk of your child contracting H1N1 on his or her sports team by:

  • Washing equipment
  • Not sharing water bottles 
  • Not touching mouths to water bottles
  • Cleaning water bottles at end of each game/practice 
  • Suspending end-of-game handshakes
  • Researching other school districts cases before traveling. Travel teams offer H1N1 an easy way to spread. 
  • Packing hand sanitizer in your child's sports bag and having him use it frequently
  • Sitting your child out if you feel the flu risk is high
  • Reporting symptoms to coach/teachers/parents
  • Having your child vaccinated when the vacine becomes available (expected sometime in October)


Source: Centers for Disease Control


Created September 18, 2009