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Impact Sensors: Safe Brain


Safebrain is a sensor that athletes wear on their helmets to help determine if they may have been hit hard enough to have a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Our product is essentially a ‘Black Box' for the brain. It measures G-force impact, and if a player is hit hard enough, at a force that exceeds their personal threshold, then a flashing light on the sensor will alert trainers that the athletFootball helmet equipped with Safe Brain impact sensor systeme needs to be evaluated for a head injury. Our sensors also log data that can be downloaded after a game, to assist doctors or trainers in determining the severity of the head injury.

Why is it important?

If a player gets hit and suffers a possible TBI, it's important to pull the athlete from the game for proper evaluation. The flashing LED light is a tool to help ensure the player receives the necessary medical attention, and the data allows medical professionals to make more informed decisions about when a player should return to play.

‘Second Impact Syndrome' can cause long-term damaging effects if a player gets hit while they are still recovering from a previous hit. The result can also be fatal. Safebrain assists trainers and coaches in providing immediate head injury recognition and response, to protect athletes' brains by ensuring they aren't at risk of further injury or damage.

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