Program Safety

Legal Duties Owed Participants In Youth Sports Programs

James C. Koslowski of the National Recreation and Parks Association believes that participants in youth programs are owed the following legal duties...

Back To School Safety Prevention Tips

When kids return to school, it is imperative that we get our families' house in order as it relates to recreational and organized sports activities. Over 12 million student athletes between ages 5 and 22 will sustain a sports-related injury this year. Students will lose twenty million school days as a result of an injury related either to sports or recreational activities.

Risk Management Programs Help Keep Children Safe in Sports

More and more, national, state and local youth sports organizations are establishing risk management committees to reduce the legal and financial risks to members of the boards of clubs, leagues and state associations through proper management, while at the same time safeguarding players.

High School Sports Safety: Ten Things to Look For

There are ten things parents should look for in evaluating the safety of their child's high school athletic program, according to the National Association of Athletic Trainers.

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