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The Politics of Youth Sports Injury Prevention

Breaking Down the Barriers

Fighting The Terrorism Of Preventable Sports Injury

In our country, 140,000 Americans will die this year because of unintentional injury; injuries that are sustained in motor vehicle events, unintentional firearm injuries, and sports and recreation injuries. Sixty-two million Americans will seek health care for unintentional injuries this year alone; the vast majority of which are preventable. Just as we have awoken to the continued threat posed by terrorists, both here and abroad, who perpetrated their heinous acts on September, 11, 2001, we need to awaken to the terrorists of injury which leads to needles loss of life, pain, suffering and life long disability. Injury transcends gender, race, nationality, age, and continental divides and shelves. Twelve million student athletes between ages 5 and 22 will sustain a sport or recreational injury this year and will miss twenty million days of school, the vast majority of which are completely preventable.

I believe if we collectively utilize preventative methods, we could vastly reduce, if not completely eliminate, the issue of injury in our society. I also believe if we utilize those same techniques, we could drastically reduce cardiac disease, cancer, and even terrorism. As I point out in my book, there are various methods that each and every parent can implement right now to reduce the risk and severity of injuries. I also believe we should utilize these same techniques and same proactive thought processes in eliminating the scourge of terrorism.

I believe that if we utilize my father's philosophy and learn from our mistakes and utilize preventative and proactive activities, our country, our homes, our playgrounds, and our gymnasiums will all become safer from the terrorists outside of our shores and the terrorism of injury.