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Female Athletes

Female Athletes: Some Gender-Specific Health Concerns

There are at least two major health issues that are unique to female athletes: the female athlete triad and the susceptibility to knee injuries (ACL/kneecap). Studies also suggest a variety of otherdifferences in the rates and types of injuries girls and boys suffer playing sports (for instance, girls appear to be more prone to concussions, from which they take longer to recover).

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ACL Injuries: Female Athletes At Increased Risk

Women and girls are more prone to ACL injuries than men and boys but the risk can be reduced if athletes perform warm-up, stretching, strengthening, plyometric, and sport-specific agility exercises before sports.

Female Athlete Triad

In 1992, the American College of Sports Medicine first recognized that girls and women in sports were particularly susceptible to three interrelated conditions – disordered eating, menstrual irregularity, and osteoporosis – that have come to be known as the "female athlete triad."

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