Mouth & Jaw

Mouth Guards in High School Sports: NFHS Position Statement

Properly fitted mouth guards reduce the oral-facial injury rate significantly in sports and are recommended for all contact sports by the NFHS.

Dental Injuries In Sports: Emergency Treatment

Emergency treatment advice in the event your child suffers a serious dental injury while playing sports.

Mouth Guards Prevent Dental Injuries But Require Frequent Replacement

Mouthguards help prevent injury to the mouth, teeth, lips, cheeks and tongue, but they may also increase the number and intensity of mouth cuts and abrasions, thus exposing an athlete to an increased chance of infection due to the bacteria, yeast, and fungi that they routinely collect.  Experts recommend that mouthguards be sanitized daily and replaced after 14 days or when they develop sharp or jagged edges, whichever occurs first.

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