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Eyes, Mouth & Jaw

Inexpensive Sports Safety Precautions Can Help Prevent Costly Sports Injuries

A new survey reveals parents do not take advantage of some inexpensive protective sports gear, such as mouth guards, in many kids' sports. Since many oral sports injuries can be prevented by wearing mouth guards, why aren't more parents and kids getting the message?

Protective Goggles Prevent Most Eye Injuries in Sports

As many as 9 out of 10 of all sports-related eye injuries can be prevented by wearing protective eyewear.  Here are some tips on buying protective goggles for your child.

Eye Protection is Essential for All Athletes

Through its EyeSmartTM campaign the American Academy of Ophthalmology reminds the public that 40,000 people suffer from eye injuries related to sports every year so it is important for athletes to wear appropriate, sport-specific protective eyewear properly fitted by an eye care professional.

Mouth Guards in High School Sports: NFHS Position Statement

Properly fitted mouth guards reduce the oral-facial injury rate significantly in sports and are recommended for all contact sports by the NFHS.

Dental Injuries In Sports: Emergency Treatment

Emergency treatment advice in the event your child suffers a serious dental injury while playing sports.

Football Helmet Faceshields Reduce Eye Injuries

Researchers have determined that the two most popular brands of football helmet faceshields can withstand a hit equivalent to a kick in the face and provide that protection without disrupting players' vision.  The faceshields' protective potential bolsters an argument favoring mandatory use of the shields for college-age football players and younger.

Safety Goggles Can Prevent Most Eye Injuries in Youth Basketball

Eye injuries in youth basketball are common.  Nine out of 10 eye injuries in youth basketball are preventable if a child wears safety goggles.  Here's what to look for when buying goggles for your child.

Injuries to Eyes and Teeth: Common But Preventable

Because the use of mouth guards in youth and high school football, lacrosse, and ice hockey has been mandatory since the early 1970's, these sports have experienced a dramatic decline in the number of dental and jaw injuries. Instead, published reports show that the majority of mouth injuries occur in such popular youth sports as baseball, basketball, soccer, field hockey, softball and gymnastics, which lag far behind in injury protection. Recent studies also report that oral and facial injuries to female athletes exceed those in males.

Sports-Related Eye Injuries Common, Preventable

Shatterproof goggles and face shields can reduce the number of eye injuries in children playing in sports such as baseball, basketball and other sports

Protective Eyewear Reduces Eye Injuries

The most effective treatment for sports-related eye injuries is prevention. Wearing protective eyewear may prevent as many as 90% of all eye injuries.  That's why many experts want protective eyewear to be mandatory for children playing sports.
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