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Head Games Movie Review: Not The Film I Was Hoping To See

Head Games: The Movie paints the sports concussion picture largely in black and white terms, eschewing a more nuanced approach in favor of the sensational. It is a movie that is intended to evoke in viewers an emotional, not rational response but, in the end, it is the movie that is playing games with our heads.

Champion of Concussion Safety in California Legislature Caught In Shoplifting Scandal

California Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi is known best for her sponsorship of the state's youth sports concussion safety laws, but her voice in the legislature may be silenced by a shoplifting scandal.

MomsTEAM's Summer of Football (Part Two): List of N.F.L./USA Football Health & Safety Initiatives Is Impressive


"I spend more time on health and safety than any other issue."

~~ Roger Goodell, National Football League Commissioner


Last week I attended a luncheon in New York City hosted by the National Football League and its youth football partner, USA Football. In Part Two of my "Summer of Football" blog series, I will focus on some of the important information I took away from the luncheon. N.F.L. Commissioner Roger Goodell and youth football player

While much of what the speakers at the N.F.L./USA Football luncheon I attended last week in New York City was concussions and football safety advice MomsTEAM has been giving parents for years, what impressed me the most was what we were told about the ongoing efforts by the league and its youth football partner to improve health and safety for football players from the pros down to the youth level, a topic which takes up more of N.F.L. commissioner Roger Goodell's time than any other.

King-Devick Testing Kits For Chicago Schools: Just One Tool In Concussion Tool Box

Last week's announcement that a foundation named in honor of the late Chicago Bear Dave Duerson had donated a King-Devick test kit to each of Chicago Public School's 80 high school football programs for use in assessing athletes for suspected concussion on the sports sideline, and that the foundation will work with CPS and the K-D Test manufacturer to implement system-wide testing, was welcome news.

So too was that the Dave Duerson Family Foundation, thru individual and corporate sponsors, plans to roll out its program in other cities in the U.S.

The announcement that the Dave Duerson Foundation was donating a King-Devick test kit to all 80 Chicago high school football programs was welcome news, but it isn't a magic bullet in sideline concussion assessment.

California Mandates Concussion Education For High School Coaches

California has moved to strengthen its youth sports concussion safety law by adding training on concussions to the first aid certification required of all California high school coaches.

FTC Says No Proof That Mouthguard Reduces Concussion Risk: Not Surprising To MomsTEAM

For years, it seems, MomsTEAM has been getting e-mails from mouth guard manufacturers touting their products as reducing the risk of concussion, despite the lack of any peer-reviewed scientific studies to support their claims.  Three youth football players watching action

The announcement by the Federal Trade Commission that claims by mouthguard manufacturer Brain-Pad that its product reduced the risk of concussion are not supported by the scientific evidence is just what I have been saying for years.

Concussion Apps For Smartphones

There are at least 20 smartphone applications on sports concussions. Evaluating the apps strictly from the standpoint of their usefulness for parents, here's how they stack up and whether they are worth downloading (updated).

Centers for Disease Control Taps MomsTEAM's Moser For Expert Concussion Panel

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has named MomsTEAM's expert sports concussion neuropsychologist Rosemarie Scolaro Moser, Ph.D., to its Pediatric Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Panel of Expertm which will develop clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and management of mTBI.  

Athletes' Resistance To Self-Reporting of Concussion Continues Despite Increased Education

Athletes continue to under-report concussion even when they know the signs and symptoms find recent research, which suggest that efforts to break the code of silence which pervades contact sports, and change the attitudes of athletes towards reporting concussion, are not working.
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