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Well-Designed Resistance Training Program Can Help Youth Athletes Avoid Injuries, Obesity and Diabetes

When part of an appropriately designed exercise and nutrition program, resistance training can help battle two of the growing youth health epidemics: obesity and type 2 diabetes. In addition, a well designed resistance training program may help in preventing sport- and recreation-related injuries among youth athletes.

Football: Injury Preventive Tackling Safety Education and Training

According to the Concussion Institute, tackle football players suffered more than 3,800,000 brain injuries in 2007. 

I therefore have three important questions for parents of youth & high school football players

  1. Do you know the main reasons there continues to be so many brain injuries in tackle football each year?

Winning the Steroid Battle

Win. Win. Win. There is no losing, just winning, at all costs. Get bigger, get stronger, hit harder, run faster longer, DESTROY YOUR COMPETITION. This is the message of contemporary sports in America. Winning is everything, losing is unacceptable. Winners go on to become famous and sign million dollar contracts, losers watch them on television. With all of the societal pressure young athletes are faced with to succeed, be it from the media, parents, coaches or peers, it is no wonder that a surprising number turn to illegal performance enhancing drugs to give them an edge over their competition.

Greater Protection of Children From Abuse in Sports Is Needed

Some countries are now beginning to employ protection policies in the context of sports to safeguard children from abuse. In the UK, for example, state funding for sports governing bodies is now linked to a set of 11 national standards for safeguarding children. The Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) is responsible for supporting and monitoring the implementation of these standards as they are

Health and Safety Tips for Your Family's Summer Vacation

Summer brings warm sunny days and opportunities galore for outdoor activities. But bee stings, sunburn, boating accidents and an increased risk of food poisoning can all subtract from the fun. To help keep such threats at bay, physicians and scientists associated with the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) have updated their list of Health and Safety Tips for Your Summer Vacation.

Steroid Testing Program Ends a Long Debate

I read with interest a recent ( June 3, 2008) article in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel: Steroid testing ends to mixed reviews- "Florida's decision last summer to implement a steroid testing program for high school athletes made national headlines.
But now that most state-sanctioned sporting events have ended, so has the one-year pilot program.
The result?

Of approximately 600 athletes, only one tested positive, said FHSAA spokeswoman Cristina Alvarez."


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