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“Functional Medicine”: Treatment Options For Concussions or Trauma

Craniosacral therapy and Feldenkrais Method can help

Diagnosis and prevention of head injuries has come a long way with sophisticated brain imaging MRIs and newer, more effective helmets; but actual treatment options in the medical model, besides medication for headache, rest and cautioning against return to play, have lagged behind. Edward Feldman, D.C., RCST, however, offers a natural and non-invasive way to heal called "Functional Medicine".Edward Feldman, D.C., RCST

Signs of trauma

Your child may have had a physical assessment and cognitive evaluation, or you just you know something is wrong, because your son or daughter isn't the same person as they were before their injury.

Here are some signs that they have suffered a traumatic brain injury:

  • Look in the grey areas such as:
    • tone of voice
    • affect.
    • whether they are they present and seem with it.
  • Look for other subtle signs:
    • unexplained suffering
    • cognitive impairment,
    • frequent headaches
    • your child says they don't feel like themselves
    • your child is withdrawn, quieter, not as ebulliant, and not participating or socializing as before?
    • listlessness
    • depression

Source of the problem

Everything in the body is designed to move. When traumatized, those places that have been injured don't move, and normal physiology has been interrupted. We may compensate with rest, but this causes our bodies to heal around the trauma, in a fragmented, compromised way.

Trauma becomes encapsulated in the body. When the body isn't able to process the trauma, the inert injured places can't re-integrate into the body. Normal processes of the living body can't do what they're designed to do. Part of you isn't on board, isn't functioning, and the deepest part of you is not present. The concussion doesn't allow for normal physiology to occur.

Returning to normal

There is a non-invasive, gentle way for the nervous system to come back to itself, to create order again where there has been trauma. Concussive forces can be dissipated, can come out of the body, and can re-integrate in a healthy way, so frozen places can move again, have consciousness again, return to a normal physiology and self-regulation-to return to homeostasis, and function as a whole.

Our approach

Are you open to new ways of healing?  Have you been everywhere, tried everything and not much is different?  Then medication and rest may not be enough.

Through osteopathy, developed approximately 100 years ago, and the Feldenkrais Method, developed over 50 years ago, we help the body's self-healing, self-organizing mechanisms, which have evolved over millions of years, to work to organize the cells and tissues in the body, in order that the nervous system can be restored. There is an Intelligence within that knows better than anyone how to heal.
There is an inherent Wholeness to our system. There is always this place of Health that remains intact, no matter the trauma. And that is what we are trying to reach and allow to come forward again. Much like the Sun on a cloudy day,

A broken bone is obvious. In traumas, something may not be broken or even show up on an x-ray, but there is a problem, and there is a solution. Your child doesn't just have to sit around and rest; we can do something to get their system back to order sooner. There is always something that can be done to improve things, taking the body/mind through different gradients of improvement, in the direction of Health.

That's what we strive to accomplish at Feldman Chiropractic.

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Posted November 10, 2011