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Should I let my son quit?

First I would like to say how much I appreciate the new MomsTeam boards. The past ones were great and I miss them but these will fill up so fast.

It helps to know there are those out there facing the same issues as we are. It ,also, helps to know there are those trying to make a difference. I truly believe, however, that actual laws need to be set in place for all schools, regarding safety issues, fair play, equal play, parent coaches etc. Only then will we truly start to see a difference.

     I say this because I am in a situation with my son where the adults in charge have agendas and care little for the well-being of all the children.

My son was always a very good basketball player, voted most valuable on his 6th grade year basketball team. He then went into his 7th grade school season to sit the bench. The coach had a son on the the team and he and his friends were given special attention, starting every game and playing the entire time.

A story I know you have heard countless times. This was very traumatic for him but he wanted to play again in 8th grade knowing he would have a different coach. He was a starter once again and did fairly well, however, overcoming the wounds from the previous year was difficult. He was playing with the same kids as last year and feelings of inadequacy were a constant battle.

He loves basketball ,however, and scored high in many games. So when 9 th grade rolled around and he found out he would have his 7th grade coach  once again, he still  joined the team. He attends a small school with no cuts, so he at least didn't have to worry about that.

However, the season quickly became a nightmare once again, with this coach giving  my son about a broken 5 minutes of playing time per game. By mid season my son could take it no longer and approached the coach, who proceeded to tell him he simply wasn't any good and would not see any more playtime. I know this is not true since many other coaches have told me the opposite, including other team basketball coaches from our school.

He has been beaten down and it is amazing how many different areas this has affected him. Now we are facing 10th grade ball next year. And wondering about summer camp.

Many players have quit and the starting point guard has moved to varsity. Once again we will have this same coach. He has coached his son in every sport he has ever played and will continue as long as he's allowed. Money speaks very loudly at our school. He even recruited one of his best friends to coach varsity to ensure his son's place on the team. This year the team is running thin and the coach told my son he would be starting point guard if he played.

I don't trust this man and am tired of all the pain he has brought our child and us as a result.

My son is conflicted, torn between a sport that he loves and a coach who has always been determined to keep him from reaching his potential. Should he throw in the towel now and look for another sport knowing he will be facing a season with a coach looking to make his son the hero. Or should he give it another try as it may be his last opportunity to possibly show everyone what he can do.

i need all the help I can get here. I am also going to put my question in the coaches forum. Thank you and God bless.