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Padding Side Goalposts

My 16 yr. old daughter plays club soccer at the premier level and is also the starting keeper for her high school team.  She just received her third concussion in six months and the second within the last month, both of the latter coming about after hitting her head against the metal post while making a diving save.  Of course, she'll be sitting out for at least the next few months, or until there are no symptoms or head tenderness and she will be wearing a concussion band when she re-enters the goal.  My big questions are: Why aren't goalkeepers (and probably all field players, too!) required to wear protective head protection?  Also, why aren't the side goalposts padded?  If the only answer is that they won't be that the goalposts won't be the proper width, then the proper width needs to be changed to accommodate the measurements which include the padding.  This seems like a no-brainer to be able to offer our children as much protection as they require while their tender young brains are still developing, doesn't it?