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Long term consequences to concussions in youth

I began my football career at age 11 playing Pee Wee Pop Warner, knocked myself unconscious in a useless Bull In The Ring drill at age 13 and was hospitalized.  After numerous "undiagnosed" concussions throughout my high school and college career, I developed hydrocephalus during my second year with the 49ers in 1981 and underwent emergency VP Shunt brain surgery.  I have now survived 9 emergency shunt brain surgeries and multiple gran mal seizures.  The link below is a stark look at the reality of long term consequences to not addressing TBIs properly.

KVIE Channel 6   Sidelined:  Concussions In Sports   12/19/12 


Channel 13 News Sacramento 10/29/12  Terry Tuatolo interview 


George Visger

SF 49ers 80 & 81

Survivor of 9 NFL Caused Emergency VP Shunt Brain Surgeries

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