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Expensive out of state tournament, when child has low playing time.

My 16 year old daughter plays club volleyball and is on a team with nine other girls. She is singled out as the worst player on the team as reflected in her playing time. She is the only one who gets low playing time out of all the other girls. She sometimes sits out a full game and then gets "garbage" time in other games. I could obviously talk about other palyers, but i think we all know coaches have their favorites for whatever reason.


My queation is this.........the team is suppose to attend an out of state tournamnet that will cost about 1700.00. I have a hard justifying that kind of money to have my daughter stand on the sidelines or play garbage time. The reason ofr the tournamnet is to place higher in a later tournament and for exposure to college coaches. At this time all I can observe, is the ocahes will see how well she stands on the sidelines.


My daughter has talked to the coach about playing time and so far nothing has really changed. She has made all of the practices and gives 100%. I have not talked to the coach as I believe its my daughter's responsibility. 

Again, I cant justify that kind of money to watch her stand on the sidelines. I don't know if not showing up will make things worse, but I knd of don't care. Yes, there is the commitment to the team, but where is the commitment to my daughter after all the hard work she has put in?

I would obviously notify the coach about not attending the tournament, because I think its the responsible thing to do. I knida get the feeling the coach would be relieved of not having to play her.  


As a side note, my daughter does very well when she plays, scoring points and costing very few. I am not so blind as a parent that I cant see if my daughter has low skills. All I can tell her is to keep working hard as it will pay off, but so far my words are empty.