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Exercise-Induced Asthma: A Video Primer for Parents

Advice for parents from Amy Valasek, M.D., Clinical Associate, Johns Hopkins Pediatric Emergency Department, about exercise-induced asthma.

Athletic Trainers: Every School Should Have One

March is National Athletic Trainers Month.  Although the number of athletic trainers at U.S. high schools is increasing, the latest statistics suggest that less than half have an AT on staff.  Here's a video that shows just how important they are in keeping our kids safe.

Exercise Induced Asthma Does Not Prevent Sports Participation

Asthma is becoming more common, and as a result, more children and teens are discovering they have asthma when they start playing a sport that may never have wheezed in the recent past.  Although a diagnosis of exercise-induced asthma may sound scary, it has become a very manageable respiratory illness. As long as some key precautions are taken, asthma should not prevent your child from safely participating in sports.
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