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Fighting Childhood Obesity: What Parents Can Do To Help

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month.

Fruit medleyHere are some suggestions on how parents can help prevent childhood obesity, promote healthy eating and physical activity, and increase awareness of childhood obesity among individuals of all ages and walks of life:

  • Write about the issues on your blog, Facebook and other social media platforms.

  • Have your children create their own artwork depicting healthy, active living.

  • Encourage your pediatrician's office to promote the issue in their waiting room and patient rooms with handouts, pamphlets, artwork from patients, articles, etc.

  • Organize a children's fitness fair.

  • Advocate for pocket parks, bike/walking trails, safe sidewalks and other amenities that promote healthy physical activity.

  • Join or start a coalition/organization aimed at creating healthier food and physical activity environments (i.e. bike paths, access to fresh fruit and veggies, etc) and/or improving school environments (opportunity for more physical activity, nutritious food choices, etc).

  • Encourage local restaurants to provide reasonable food and beverage portion sizes and to increase the availability of low‐calorie, nutritious food items.

  • Take your children to a local farmers market. Have them pick fruits and vegetables in a rainbow of colors.

  • Organize a "walking school bus" so children can safely walk to school.
  • Organize a community chat on the issues at your local library or online.

  • Practice what you preach. Make sure you and your family are eating right and getting regular physical activity. Vary things up and make it fun!

  • Organize a neighborhood picnic with healthy, nutritious foods and beverages and planned physical activities and family‐friendly sports.

  • Organize a nutritious recipes swap event at your local school, church/temple/mosque or in your neighborhood.

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Source: National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

Created September 1, 2010