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Lisa McDowell: Dietary Supplements Not 'Lightning In A Bottle' For Athletes

October is Sports Nutrition Month at MomsTEAM. We invited some old friends and some new ones to share their wisdom about nutrition and offer always on-the-go sports parents fresh ideas and choices for healthy, easy-to-make breakfasts, lunches, dinners and between-meal snacks for your active children.

Today we hear from Lisa McDowell, sports dietitian for the U.S. Olympic Team at the recent London Games and for the Detroit Red Wings:

Sports dietitian Lisa McDowell

MomsTEAM:What are your top five foods for sports nutrition?


A sports dietitian for Olympic and professional athletes emphasizes the importance of maintaining a schedule of meals and snacks for proper fueling and recovery, adequate hydration before, during and after training and competition, and proper rest and sleep.
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