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Becoming A Basketball Mom Was Tougher Than I Thought!

The New Year has started, which means a new school semester and a new sports season.  It is cold and wet outside, so we have taken our sports enthusiasm from the gridiron to the basketball court; a tough transition for a dedicated football mom like me!

That my knowledge of basketball wasn't nearly as deep as my understanding of football was driven home to me, so to speak, during the first week back to school when I picked up my son and four of his classmates after school.

Learning the right lingo to use while cheering on her teenage son at a basketball game proved to be more of a challenge for one dedicated football mom than she thought.

Super Bowl in Big D: Once-in-a-Lifetime Treat For Some Local Kids

A freak snowstorm before Super Bowl XLV gave one group of 11-year-old boys the thrill of a lifetime, not to mention a great story, recounts one Dallas mom.
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