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Buying Figure Skates

Young girl lacing up figure skatesFigure skates are often very stiff leather or composite, low-cut boots with attached metal blades that have a toe-pick on the front.  It is very important for skates to fit well.  Fortunately, the size of figure skates often correlates well to the street shoe size for your child.  Expert advice, however, is necessary for precise fit and right shoe selection for ability level. 

Here are some things to remember when buying your child figure skates:

  • When sizing, your child should wear the same socks as she would while skating.

  • Make sure the skates fit before having them sharpened, because once they are sharpened, returning them may be very difficult.

  • When your child is trying on skates, make sure they are laced up fully to ensure a snug/accurate fit.

  • Figure skates are notorious for taking a long time to become broken in.