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Blog FAQs

How are Blogs Used?

Traditionally, blogs were used as something like an online diary. They included links that the author had found interesting that day as well as life stories.

But as blogs became more and more popular, businesses started to use them. The first industry to really embrace blogs was the news media. Journalists post their stories to the blog and readers subscribe to the blog news feeds to receive up-to-the-minute information on a variety of topics. Now, blogs are used for many different purposes.

  • Personal diaries
  • News feeds 
  • Hourly, daily, weekly updates of Web sites 
  • New information on a topic 
  • Product updates: reviews, new versions, new products 
  • This day in history 
  • Birthdays and other special events 
  • Almost anything you can think of

How Do I Write A Great Blog?

Here's some advice from expert bloggers on how to write a great blog:

What do I need to set up a blog?

Nothing! As long as you are a registered MomsTeam user, you are ready to start blogging right away, just by clicking on Create Content - Blog Entry.

How can I post to my blog?

Once again, posting a blog entry on your MomsTeam blog is simple.  Just complete the template and click submit and your entry will be published to the web.

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and it is a way to tell other people about your new blog entries. You post your Web log entries in the XML specification RSS. Then readers all over the world can view your blog entries on content aggregators.

I run a business, what good is a blog to me?

Weblogs are a great traffic generator, but only if they are honest, and not just marketing hype. There are many uses for a business weblog - not just for personal diaries.  Many of MomsTeam's sponsors have blogs.

What is a permalink?

Permalink is short for "permanent link". It is a link that readers can use to bookmark the current blog post. This is important, as most blogs change regularly, and without a permanent link, the posts would be impossible to find later.
Permalinks are usually indicated by a pound-sign (#) or the permalink at the end of the post.

What is Trackback?

TrackBack is a tool to allow you to notify other blog authors of your blog posts. Most bloggers use it to comment on a blog post as an entry on their site, rather than as comments on the other blog. It's similar to linking to a permalink (permananent link) but it adds the functionality where you actually tell the original blogger that you've linked to them. This is called "sending a ping".