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Battle Sports Science Joins MomsTeam As Sponsor

MomsTeam awards Impact Indicator its Seal of Approval


Concord, Mass. (September 26, 2011). MomsTeam.com CEO/Publisher Brooke de Lench announced today that Battle Sports Science, LLC, a leading sports safety company based in Omaha, Nebraska, has joined MomsTeam as a sponsor, and that Battle Sports' new, revolutionary sports safety product - the Impact Indicator - has been awarded MomsTeam's Seal of Approval. 

The Impact Indicator is designed to measure the G-force and duration of hits sustained by an athlete's head during play. It uses highly sophisticated technology and proprietary software embedded in a helmet chinstrap to signal the possibility of a head injury. This revolutionary new product will alert referees, players and coaches to take a player off the field for a medical assessment - maximizing treatment, recovery and possibly preventing subsequent brain injury.

"MomsTeam is excited to be partnering with Battle Sports Science to spread the word about its revolutionary Impact Indicator and to award it the MomsTeam Seal of Approval. Alerting officials, coaches, athletic trainers and team doctors to head impacts that may result in concussion will help identify those youth athletes exhibiting the sometimes subtle and overlooked signs of a concussion," said de Lench.

"Laws in a growing majority of states say players should not be allowed to return to the playing field until they receive medical clearance because of the risk of further injury to their still-developing brains, slower recovery from concussion, or even death from second impact syndrome. This is something parents all over the country will find to be comforting.  As the pioneer in concussion education for sports parents, MomsTeam and I are thrilled to have Battle Sports Science on our team as we continue to dedicate our efforts to do everything possible to keep the kids of America playing sports as safe as science, technology and equipment make possible."

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About Battle Sports Science

Based in Omaha, Nebraska, and founded in 2009, Battle Sports Science focuses on enhancing safety for athletes. The company is dedicated to sports safety; producing products through science, research, innovation and development, and bringing them to market. Additional sports safety products produced by Battle Sports Science include the Battle Shield, DMask, 100MPH Helmet and select TapoutPro mouth guard products. For more information go to www.battlesportsscience.com.


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