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Tommy John Surgery: Most Able to Return to Mound

More than 8 out of 10 of high school and collegiate pitchers undergoing so-called Tommy John elbow reconstructive surgery are able to return to their pre-injury level of performance after 9 months to a year of rehabilitation, a 2011 study finds.

Tommy John Surgery Does Not Improve Pitching Performance

Misconceptions abound among  baseball parents, coaches and players about the reasons for and benefits of Tommy John surgery and the relationship between pitch counts and injury risk.

Youth Sports Don't Meet Kids' Needs For Physical Exercise, Study Finds

Parents who believe that their kids are getting enough physical exercise just from playing organized sports may be in for a surprise.  A new study finds that, though participation in youth sports contributes to overall physical activity, fewer than one fourth of youth soccer, baseball and softball players studied obtained the sixty minutes a day of moderate to vigorous physical exercise (MVPA) during sports practices that U.S. guidelines recommend.

Potter Baseball Tour Celebrates Values of Bygone Era

In his book, "Whatever Happened to Baseball?" Jeff Potter wrote about how the game of baseball had changed in the last 30-40 years.  In the summer of 2010, Potter took a team of youth baseball players on a month-long baseball odyssey to celebrate values from baseball's past: teamwork, discipline, work ethic, and passion for the game.
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