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An Interview with Michael and Dr. Doreen Greenberg

Wrote Inspiring Book Series On Female Athletes

Who were your heroes when you were young?


Definitely Duke Snider! The Brooklyn Dodgers had three outfielders-Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle and the Duke. I felt that Mays and Mantle were the whole country's heroes, and Snider was my very own. I remember one of the first lessons I learned about baseball was that my hero struck out more times than he hit home runs. It was an important life lesson.


I personally came late to sports participation. I am from a generation of women who had few opportunities to be athletes. It wasn't until I was a mother of two young daughters that I started to compete in triathlons and marathons.

But my appreciation of what a female athlete could do came much earlier. I remember being amazed and delighted, as a young girl, by the accomplishments of Wilma Rudolph in the 1960 Olympics. I remember young friends having polio, so her achievement was a true inspiration to me. I have always been drawn to track and filed athletes. It probably has something to do with one glorious day in 4th grade when I one the school 50 yard dash.